bigbest solutions participated in the Aquaculture Vietnam Expo on Oct.17~19, 2018. Once again,
Intelligent Aerator Motor successfully attracts all participants

bigbest Intelligent Aerator Motor has become the leading product of aquaculture motors.
Without reducer, the Intelligent Aerator Motor is energy saving and energy efficient.
Compare to traditional AC induction motor that consumes more than 8500 kWh per year, Intelligent Aerator Motor only consumes less than 4500 kWh per year.
At the same time, bigbest intelligent aerator motor achieves over 90% efficiency while traditional AC motor offers only 45%-50% efficiency.

Another great feature is that it isIoTT integrated for remote control and big data collection.
With built-in wireless transmission system and APP, people can now receive real-time pond and aerator status.